III Spirits distillery makes PIONEER WHISKY the old fashioned way. The way the Scotts have been doing it for centuries.

We batch distill our washes through our 180 gallon, hand hammer-formed, steam fired Pot still to produce “Low Wines”. We then we do a careful second distillation through our custom designed combination pot/column still.

Our washes are fermented in several different styles of fermenters.  Some modern and innovative and some traditional, depending on the spirit we are producing.

In aging our whiskey. We use oak barrels ranging in size from 15 to 60 gallons. We use new American heavy char oak, new French oak and refurbished and used wine barrels.

All our whisky is Produced in our 1200sq/ft. Distillery located on a small farm in the foothills outside of Talent Oregon.  We are flanked by vineyards on the Bear creek wine trail. 

Our tasting room is open Saturdays  and Sundays, noon to five. We offer educational whisky tours, tastings and sales.  Seasonal tasting room exclusives may be available. 

Now available throughout Oregon

A true Craft Distillery Located in Talent Oregon

Small Batch,  Hand Crafted, Premium Spirits